Hey, I’m Frances and I am a video editor and motion designer.

It might sound a little esoteric, but at the core of my work, I harness and direct energy. Hear me out.

Simply put, every one and every thing on this planet has a powerful story inside, riddled with twists, turns, push, pull, devastation, and inspiration. Just as we learned in our high school physics class, everything carries a potential energy, but! It requires a bit of work to take that potential and transform it into power and influence on the people and things around it.

Throughout my life, I have found that I am productive when I harness the energy of my joy, pain, problems, and inspirations, and turn it into something useful for myself or my peers. Be it: becoming a distance runner to manage the feelings that came with a painful life change, curating a playlist of songs to spark joy and promote peace, or designing a sticker that (now scattered on numerous phone cases, car bumpers, folders, and water bottles) reminds me and my friends that life is short, and to not take a second of it for granted. Personal life aside, my professional work is propelled by this same intrinsic drive to problem solve towards a desired outcome in a creative way.

I think rather than necessarily "creating," my calling is in compiling, directing, channeling, squishing and squashing energy, into something awesome that moves people. While my chosen mediums are video and motion design, I have a natural curiosity for music composition & production, photography, and illustration, and I am excited to continue to explore and integrate various media into what I do.

Currently, I am focused on improving my skills in post-production within the context of brand marketing. In my most recent full-time role as a Video Producer, I lead the creation of marketing and education content surrounding Jotform's industry-leading productivity tool. Being in SF, a city brimming with drive, innovation, and intelligence, I am stoked to be working in the technology space, but down the road, I plan to focus my work on creating marketing materials for independent artists, brands, and nonprofits whose missions I admire.

Thanks so much for checking out my story and my portfolio, I hope you dig it.