Glacio | Clear Cubes

here's what i did on this one


Production ASsistant

the client & outline

Glacio is a retailer of high-quality and easy-to-use ice molds. We were instructed to "toe the line between luxury, casual, and fun." I think we nailed it!

my contribution

I acted as a PA and editor on this project. In addition to being gatekeeper of the shot list and making sure shoot day ran on schedule (and running back and forth to get new ice when it melted!), I designed the concept for the opening swooping shot and set up the layout of products.

my favorite part

I love the opening shot that swoops through all the products. We rented a cool probe macro lens for the shoot and I knew we had to make the most of it. I designed this shot so that it would set a fun pace early on in each video and tie the whole series together.

lessons learned

This project taught me the importance of being super organized day of production, and in media management. Not only did my team have to work with ice that melted very quickly, but we were also on a tight time budget! I learned that planning and keeping a detailed schedule on production day is invaluable. In addition, my team shot for 6 separate product videos, so there was a ton of footage to work with! This taught me to either write down time codes or use a slate on shoot day, and to manage media to a T in post!