Jotform for Beginners Volume 2 Ad

here's what i did on this one

Motion designer

the client & outline

In late 2023, Jotform released "Jotform for Beginners Volume 2: Put Your Data to Work," the second book, in a series of guidebooks for new users, instructing on how to gather, manage, and collaborate on data in a variety of ways. I was given a script of the text and asked to create an attention-grabbing 15-second advertisement!

my contribution

Aside from the script on what the text should say, I was given free reign on this project, so I got to storyboard myself and bring this video to life start to finish! I gathered music, icons, colors, and threw everything into motion!

my favorite part

I loved this project! I think my favorite part is the climax, where the computer *inner workings* fade and the book spins and pops out. I chose this song specifically because it had this moment and I knew I could do a fun, big reveal!

lessons learned

For this project, I really wanted to get some practice animating 2D in the 3D space! I think the fly-through concept was a really easy and cool way to do that, and it taught me how to use different preview views to position my layers on the Z-axis so they showed up where I wanted them to be! If I could do this again, I definitely would have practiced "lighting" the 3D space to get natural shadows of all the elements, because my lazy use of drop shadow doesn't look very realistic!