Power Your Salesforce Data Collection With Jotform

here's what i did on this one

Motion designer

the client & outline

In September of 2023, Jotform launched an app on the Salesforce App Exchange. For this major partnership, I was given a storyboard and a V/O track, and tasked with creating a 30 second ad for paid social channels, with an ultimate goal of showcasing the product, while highlighting an electricity theme, representing the way that Jotform *turbocharges* a Salesforce workflow.

my contribution

With only 5 days to complete this project start to finish, I got right down to work. I designed and gathered various assets, chose colors, music and sound effects, and whipped this project into motion ;) Halfway through the week, I did a round of revisions with notes from stakeholders, and wrapped it just in time for launch!

my favorite part

This project was such a blast all around. With motion graphics being a newer skill of mine, it was awesome to take this opportunity to play more with interpolation in the graph editor. One moment I particularly love is when the Jotform logotype comes in at :03-:05. Making it bounce and glow to the electricity sound effect as if it was being *turbocharged* was so fun and I think it turned out super realistic!

lessons learned

This project taught me to consider my pre-comp workflow before beginning to animate. Towards the end, I ran into some issues with transitions simply because I pre-composed certain sections and elements in ways that got me a little tangled up, and I ended up having to duplicate sections and rework them in some unconventional ways, taking up quite a bit of my time and brain-space. Moving forward, I intend to keep a cleaner, more organized timeline!