Lydig | Steel Beams

here's what i did on this one


the client & outline

Lydig is a construction company operating in and around Washington State. They hired us to highlight one of the current projects, the Sportsplex in downtown Spokane.

my contribution

I took the edit for this project, and had a blast experimenting with some unique transitions. Fast-paced, music-driven, montages are my absolute favorite type of video to work on (especially when I have so many killer drone shots to work with!) I had a lot of freedom on this edit, and I think end result really captured the energy and excitement of Lydig and this huge construction project.

my favorite part

I edited the climax of the song to hone in on the crane and then as if the camera became the top of the crane, it looks over downtown Spokane and then suddenly as music drops, it swings down through the steel beams and shows the whole foundation.

lessons learned

These sizzle reels I’ve edited for Lydig have taught me how to make an interesting story out of something that might not otherwise be very interesting. By telling mini-stories of different actions taking place within this huge operation of building the Sportsplex, I was able to showcase the event as a whole in much greater detail. Oh and I also learned that you can never go wrong using angry rock music for a construction edit 