music video

Wavin' to My Haters

here's what i did on this one





the client & outline

Mountains in the Sea is a husband and wife pop-duo from Spokane, WA.

my contribution

As a passion project done in our free time, this was 100% put together by Nic, myself, and the on-screen crew. My role included co-producing, co-shooting, set design, and assisting with the edit. It was an awesome way to be involved in all sides of a project from start to finish! I learned a ton from this project, especially in regards to this video-style and the hand-off transitions that make it possible. Other than a few new mishaps on the ladders, it was really fun.

my favorite part

The scene of Phil playing guitar on the little stage we built and the dancers dancing all around him and friends cheering him on is perfect. It captures the raw energy of not only this video, but also this talented duo. Simply put, it's just f***ing awesome.

lessons learned

Co-producing this project taught me so much. Aside from discovering that Facebook Marketplace is not the go-to for buying a fog machine, I learned that having a very detailed plan in place proves invaluable when things go awry. As we had to work with a lot of competing schedules, because Nic and I had a solid game plan ahead of time, we were able to capture everything we needed, even with light malfunctions, dancers needing to leave early, and more.